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Burkina Faso (2021)

The policy, legal and administrative framework within which this PRME has been prepared is summarised below: (i) for Burkina Faso, Law N°014/96/ADP of 23 May 1996 on agrarian and land reorganisation and Law N° 034-2009/AN of 16 June 2009 on rural land tenure, cover aspects related to land tenure and property rights. These laws also cover the regulation of key aspects of rural land tenure and use in Burkina Faso.  It also covers the regulation and various aspects of land expropriation; (ii) the PDI defines the conditions under which the Bank will finance a project that involves the displacement of people and/or affects their social and/or economic well-being. It also defines the framework within which compensation and income restoration for all PAPs should be conducted. 

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