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Ildiko is available for the following services. 

African Village


Consulting services include impact assessment, management and advisory covering the following aspects:


  • Social impact assessment

  • Stakeholder engagement on project level

  • Resettlement planning and implementation 

  • Livelihood restoration planning and implementation 

  • Labor assessments and audits

  • Supply chain management, mapping and risk assessment

  • ESMS advisory

Public Work Space

Board advisory and trustee

If you are lost in the sustainability reports of your companies, look no further. Ildiko provides board advisory and trustee services covering:


  • Supply chain management

  • Making sense of the sustainability reports

  • Operational environmental and social business risks assessment and advisory

  • General sustainability management on a corporate level


Speaking engagements 

Ildiko is available for speaking engagements and panel discussions on social sustainability, operational environmental and social risk management. Ildiko is an experienced consultant with a deep understanding of the complexities of social sustainability and the importance of managing operational environmental and social risk effectively. With the wealth of field experience and real life examples, an engaging presentation is guaranteed. 

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