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Project Portfolio

This is a selection of recent and significant projects that I have worked on.

Bishkek Solid Waste Management Project, Kyrgyzstan

EBRD is providing a loan of EUR 11 million to finance investment in a sanitary landfill, and the closure of the existing dumpsite. The project is categorised A under the EBRD’s ESP as the project is expected to result in significant and adverse environmental and social impacts. The assessments found some 230 waste pickers deriving informal income from the landfill site that will be closed as part of the project. The City of Bishkek together with EBRD's Technical Cooperation grant prepared a Livelihood Restoration Plan to safeguard these people. As a social development specialist in the EBRD’s team, I have worked on the social impact assessment and management plan, and the resettlement and livelihood restoration related activities. The project is currently under implementation.

Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam, Ghana

The project includes the construction of a multipurpose dam in the Northern Region of Ghana with will consist of a hydropower plant, a solar farm and an irrigation scheme. As a social specialist working for the Mott MacDonald team, worked on the development of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan for this project. This project used tablets to undertake the socio-economic household surveys for the affected people in the future reservoir area. As a gender specialist, worked on the gender impact assessment and the Gender Action Plan. The construction activities were planned to commence in Q2 2020.

Buribaytal Roads, Kazakhstan

EBRD is financing the reconstruction of a 62km section of the 228km ‘Kurty Buribaytal’ or the ‘Centre-South’ corridor linking Astana to Almaty. The project includes the reconstruction and widening of the existing road, the reconstruction of bridges and upgrading of intersections as well as financing of supervising engineers, implementation assistance to the Project Implementation Unit and institutional components. As an independent social and gender specialist, worked not he due diligence and gap analysis to identify actions to ensure compliance with EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy requirements. The project included the preparation of the Stakeholder engagement Plan, consultations with affected settlement and the assessment of future land acquisition needs.

Confidential Hard Coal Mining Project, Poland

As the Developer’s Social Advisor prepared the socio-economic surveys for land acquisition and livelihood restoration activities. Prepared the Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Framework Policy document, the detailed Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan to IFC standards. Carried out consultations and other stakeholder engagement activities with local communities on behalf of the Developer. Provided continuous support to the implementation of land

Mumbai Urban Transport Project 3, India

AIIB is providing a loan of USD 500m to enhance the network capacity, service quality and safety of Mumbai’s suburban railway system. The project has four components: a) quadrupling of Virar-Dahanu Road corridor (64km); b) construction of new suburban railway corridor between Panvel and Karjat (28km); c) installation of midsection trespass control measures, such as track segregation by fencing or reinforced concrete wall; and d) institutional strengthening, capacity building and technical assistance to strengthen institutional capacity of the implementing entity. The project is categorised as A in accordance with AIIB’s ESP. As a social development specialist of the AIIB team, worked on the completion of land acquisition and resettlement related action planning, stakeholder engagement, and the finalisation of social management plans. Worked with the Government of Maharasthra to establish the first ever government decree setting our requirements for grievance management both on the QH and field level. A Gender Action Plan is also being developed for the project to make sure that women’s feedback are incorporated in the design, the services are safe to use and women can also benefit from employment opportunities created by the project.

Karakalpakstan and Khorezm Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Uzbekistan

AIIB is considering a loan of USD430 million to the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to provide access to safely managed water and sanitation services, and to strengthen the operational performance of the Regional Water Committees in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm. The project has 3 key components: a) investment in water supply infrastructure; b) investment in sewerage infrastructure and c) capacity building and implementation support. The project was assigned a preliminary category A in line with AIIB’s ESP. The project will likely involve land acquisition, impacts on livelihood and potentially physical displacement. As a social development specialist of the AIIB team, worked with the client to explain the social safeguards related steps and assessments that will be necessary for the project to progress to the approval stage. A gender action plan will be developed.

VP Bank COVID-19 Response Facility, Vietnam

AIIB is providing a loan of USD100 million to the Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank to support trade finance and working capital finance to Vietnamese private sector enterprises, including SMEs during the COVID-19 crisis. The project is cofinanced with the International Finance Corporation whose Policy on Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy and Exclusion List applies to the project. The category of FI-2 was assigned to the project and higher risk subproject are not eligible for financing. The IFC loan is expected to be supported by IFC’s Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility to incentivise on-lending of the proposed working capital loans to women and women-owned/women-led enterprises. As a social development specialist of the AIIB team, undertook the due diligence on the VP Bank’s Environmental and Social Management System and prepared the project for approval by AIIB’s Investment Committee.

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