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Awards and Articles

Here is the list of some of my favourite articles I wrote and also links to recognition I received for my work. 


Lessons in Leadership 2023 - Human rights matter!

In December 2023, I provided expert commentary on how new legislation around human rights due diligence and reporting is shaping businesses. Follow the link for the full article.

How to make the 'S' in ESG more meaningful

I wrote this article about how to make ESG more meaningful with a strong focus on the social aspects. I had already published a similar blog, but this is zooming in on labour, communities and stakeholder engagement more. 

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 14.09.51.png

'What is a Social Impact?' winning the Impact Book Awards!

Pride and joy to announce that my first book ' What is a Social Impact?' is now an award-winning book!

Zarafshan Wind winning the IJ Global ESG Award!

I have been working on this project as part of the IFC team since 2021. Although, the recognition is not for our team, it still fills me with great pride to see my groundbreaking projects recognised! 

Wind Mills
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 09.13.12.png

Winning the award for Most Pioneering Social Development Specialist in 2023

This year I entered a competition to win this title before I started writing my book. I was very pleased to be named pioneering in this field of social development. I have been working tirelessly on innovating and making resources available for my colleagues over the years. 

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